Hello my name is Rina Ward. Founder and Jewellery Artist of Nostalgem.

After living in the big cities of Manila, Hong Kong and Auckland, my family and I  traded the busy urban life for the more laid back coastal and rural living.

So in 2016, we moved to the beautiful Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Living closer to nature, I started foraging for little bits of flora and fauna around my lush surrounding.

Beachcombed seashells. Fallen seed pods & leaves. Discarded fishbones. Wayside wildflowers. It’s very much like going on a treasure hunt.

These organic gems became the centre pieces of my jewellery.

I hope my jewellery will be expressions of your one-of-a-kind, imperfectly beautiful and charmingly unique stories.
Welcome to Nostalgem,

Rina Ward