Rising Above With The Ram's Horn Squid Shell

Rising Above With The Ram's Horn Squid Shell

Have you seen a Ram Horn Squid? Possibly not as this unusual looking marine creature lives in the deep waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Not many can find them as they typically stay at a depth where there are 1000-1500 meters. Sometimes they will move up near 300m if necessary for feeding during night time hours when food is more available on land nearby them.

What you may not know is that they have a shell (called Ram's Horn Squid Shell or Spirula Shell) that you may have picked up in the beach.

Here I am holding one that has been newly beachcombed in my local beach (Matuari Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand).

Ram's horn squid shell at Matauri Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
The shell acts as the squid's bouyancy regulator. It helps this elusive mollusc dive deeper for prey or escape danger! And their job is to keep the marine creature afloat.

Which made me create a pendant necklace out of this fragile yet resilient beach find. I've sculpted white clay mixed with speckles of local beach sand around it. Hammered 18k golf filled wire for it's bail to hang on an 18k gold plated sterling silver delicate chain necklace.
Spirula Shell Necklace

Spirula shells help provide a sense of hope. They are one of the ocean's resilient travellers (seajourners). They are light and buoyant as they travel many miles across the ocean and end up on beaches.

Their weightlessness is just like that person who’s been on many journeys. And through tough times has risen above the circumstance and has made it out alive and kicking!

Do you share the same attributes of the Ram Horn Squid Shell? Do you love to travel and rise above adversity?

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Rina Ward
Bay of Islands
New Zealand
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