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Paua Shell Whanau Family Silver Men’s Cuff Links

Paua Shell Whanau Family Silver Men’s Cuff Links

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Our Paua Shell Men’s Cuff Links are handcrafted genuine mini abalone (paua) shell and NZ beach sand set in resin. Bring a piece of New Zealand’s unique natural beauty with this iconic shell that is a symbol of harmony & connectivity in Maori tradition.


Cuff links: stainless steel, approx 20mm in diameter


Charcoal black cardboard box, with jewellery card & care instructions, wrapped in tissue wrapping paper and sticker.


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  • All our paua shells have been sustainably sourced from a local paua marine farming operation. The juvenile shells did not mature and therefore are discarded as a waste product, from which evolve our unique jewellery pieces.


We work with natural elements to create pieces that are one-of-a kind. What you receive might not look exactly the same as what is pictured, but each piece will share your individuality and uniqueness!

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