Remember when “nature finds” were like little gems in your pocket?

As children we were filled with wonderment by the delicate fluff of a dandelion pod, or the shock red of a ladybug's wings.

Nostalgem (no-stál-jem) was born from that innate sense to explore the natural world.

It all began when I left my urban life for coastal living. My inner Nature Scavenger was re-awakened.

New Zealand’s lush Bay of Islands inspired me to forage for beautifully formed bits of flora and fauna.

Much like a treasure hunt.

Beach combed seashells. Fallen leaves seed pods. Wayside wildflowers.

Nature’s gems were collected and curated - eventually becoming the centre pieces of my jewellery.

Today, each item is still handmade and one-of-a-kind; expressing the perfectly imperfect charm of naturally-occurring organic forms and textures.

Welcome to your home for artist-made jewellery; created for authentic, nature-loving souls.

Each piece tells a story as unique as you.


Rina Ward
Nostalgem Founder
Jewellery Artist
Serial Nature Scavenger
Wave Catcher
Kiwipino (Filipino New Zealander)