Original Jewellery Handcrafted With Nature Fragments

Welcome to nature-scavenged jewellery, handcrafted by New Zealand based artist Rina Ward. 

Each piece starts as a sustainably foraged fragment or “nature find”. This raw beauty is then framed by delicate metalwork and hand sculpted elements.

Making each item as unique as the wearer. 

Welcome to Nostalgem.

Join Our Collectors Club

Join Our Collectors Club

Nostalgem jewellery collectors are authentic & unassuming women, who prefer humble organic nature as their precious jewels.

They are just like my
hand-picked treasures - unpretentious, one-of-a-kind and perfectly imperfect.

For NZ $47 Annual fee you get…

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About Us

About Us

Remember when “nature finds” were like little gems in your pocket?

As children we were filled with wonderment by the iridescent shimmer of a shell, or a sea urchin’s delightfully bumpy texture.

Nostalgem (no-stál-jem) was born from that innate sense to explore the natural world.

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