Perfectly Imperfect Wabi Sabi Jewellery Made from Nature’s Broken And Beautiful Treasures

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  • Welcome to Nostalgem, a place where unexpected beauty thrives. I transform weathered beachcombed treasures into wondrous precious gems for my jewellery designs.

  • Amidst the imperfections of these finds lies your unique story. They serve as reminders that within your flaws, weaknesses & vulnerabilities, you find strength, courage & grace.

  • Broken seashells and other fragments washed up on the shore serve as expressions of your own journey of resilience and self-discovery – encapsulating your joys, heartaches, and triumphs.

  • In the shell waste that I collect from paua farms, discover the harmony of nature and sustainability. I transform them into lustrous jewels, a testament to the beauty of repurposing and embracing eco-consciousness.

    Just as these treasures find new purpose, I hope my creations inspire you to see your own life in a fresh light.

  • Like a treasure hunter, I scour the shorelines of New Zealand, embracing the serendipity of stumbling upon a shell, leaf or pod, worn out and weathered by time and tides.

    Together, let's celebrate the wonder of life's timeless transformations and find beauty in the most unexpected of places.

    Rina Ward
    Jewellery Artist
    Bay of Islands
    New Zealand

  • Samples and Seconds

    This is where I offer my VIPs heavily marked down jewellery pieces that have minor wear and tear but still beautiful (after all they are still perfectly imperfect).

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  • Past Jewellery Designs

    Since I only release in small batches, you may not find the same design of a piece you have purchased or have wanted to buy.

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