Ka Pai! It’s Kowhai Time! Kowhai Floragems coming soon!

Ka Pai! It’s Kowhai Time! Kowhai Floragems coming soon!

Hello Shello! it's that time of year again when the yellow blossoms of New Zealand's unofficial national flower, the kowhai, are painting our landscapes with a pop of sunny cheer. 🌞 So here I am posing just outside my local library with one of their kowhai trees in full bloom.

So, that inspired me to revive an old jewellery design. Remember my Kowhai Floragems? I decided to get down on my knees and handpick a few fallen petals (as tusual I got a few stares when I was on my knees 😂

After pulling these drying and meticulously cutting these golden treasures into tiny bits, I've infused them into resin nuggets.


The result? Earrings that look like they're made from semi-precious stones (very similar to citrine stones.

Kowhai flowers bloom for only a short period, but having kowhai Floragem earrings is like enjoying them all year round!


PS. I'll be dropping a handful of these Floragem earrings at my VIP spring sale on September 29th, at a price that's so VIP, you won't want to miss it. If you aren’t my vip yet, sign up below 😀.



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