Coral of the Sea

Coral of the Sea

The sea is an eternal source of joy and it makes us feel connected to one another. One of the virtual ‘love-of-the-ocean’ connections my Mum has made online is with a young Rhode Island-based female angler.

Meet Coral Rose Aiello (yes don’t you think her name is so fitting for sea lovers)?

Coral’s love for fishing and being out on the water started at an early age; it has grown into her most passionate activity since then. She is accompanied by her father Joe, who is Captain of the Charter boat Sara Charters. Captain Joe says that his daughter strives to catch various types of sea life aboard their charter boat. As first mate as well, she spends days with him while they both fish in search of their next big adventure.

My mum had the pleasure of creating a bespoke, customised pair of earrings for this lovely angler. They are so unique and one of a kind. It’s because they were created from fish vertebrae fragments from one of her many catches!

These earrings that she is wearing are more than just a piece of jewelry. They tell a story and represent Coral’s great love for fishing and the ocean, and she was very grateful that through documenting her doing what she loves, she has managed to connect with so many like-minded people. 

After cleaning the fish bone vertebrae, my Mum gilded the inner body with gold sheets. And using special putty clay mixed with beach sand and gold flakes, she created miniature wabi-sabi style Japanese bowls that were attached to gold-filled fish hook (again the pun) earrings.

For Coral, angling has always been such a big part of her life. She shows this on her Instagram account @professional.hooker (love the pun!) where she keeps her followers updated on her adventures on the water with her father. With just one look at her account, you can instantly tell that the father and daughter team is brought together for their love of fishing, and that there is never a dull moment on the water for either of them! 

Here are some photos from Coral’s account, documenting her marine journeys. Enjoy! 

Coral with a striped bass that she caught through trollin

Coral, please share with us your secret on how you can still look glam and keep your hair oh so shampoo-ad worthy while fishing?

Here’s Coral and Dad Captain Joe after just catching some lobsters. The little lobsters look like quite a rare find, and the two look very satisfied with their catch!

I hope that you have found Coral’s passion and love for water sports and marine life inspiring, as she is incredibly dedicated to her craft and acknowledges it as one of the biggest (if not, THE) and most important parts of her life… and just like us at Nostalgem, she believes that even the smallest piece of nature can tell an incredible story, and we are certain that she will treasure her fish backbone earrings and keep it as a special memento to remind her of her glorious fishing victories at sea! 

Peace Out,

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