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VIP ONLY - Broken Sea Snail Shell with Rice Pearl Necklace (Whelk, Conch, Totorere)

VIP ONLY - Broken Sea Snail Shell with Rice Pearl Necklace (Whelk, Conch, Totorere)

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Our Broken Sea Snail Shell Necklace captures the raw beauty of a broken and eroded sea snail shell dipped in metal and paired with a tiny rice pearl charm. Transformed into a unique necklace that embraces perfect imperfections.

Organic Materials:
* Real sea snail shell electroformed in silver or gold.
* Handpicked from the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
* Accompanied by a delicate freshwater rice pearl charm.

* Handcrafted from an authentic seashell, paired with a dainty freshwater baby rice pearl for unique rustic charm.
* Dangles from sterling silver-based chains for both luxury and durability.
* Empowers with strength in brokenness, harmonising with the wabi-sabi philosophy.
* Eco-conscious sourcing ensures ethical practices.
* Each shell’s variations create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Meaning and Story:
* Symbolises allure in imperfections.
* Embodies wabi-sabi philosophy, finding beauty in life’s transitory nature.
* A reminder of strength in brokenness and resilience.


Shell Height:
* Approx. 12-20mm (varies).
* Pearl Height: Approx. 3-4mm.
* Chain Options: Gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver fine cable.
* Chain Length: 40-45cm gold or 45-50cm silver.


Charcoal black cardboard box, with jewellery card & care instructions, wrapped in tissue wrapping paper and sticker.


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  • We responsibly source shells that are abundant, broken, and no longer functioning as marine habitats, aligning with ethical and sustainable collection practices.


We work with natural elements to create pieces that are one-of-a kind. What you receive might not look exactly the same as what is pictured, but each piece will share your individuality and uniqueness!


Our jewellery-making process is an artful fusion of organic nature and the electroforming technique, inspired by the wabi-sabi philosophy that finds beauty in imperfection. Unlike traditional cast pieces, our pieces capture the raw essence of nature itself. These charming quirks & irregularities from both element & the process enhance the authenticity and rustic character of each piece, making it one-of-a-kind. Remember that these treasures are delicate. To ensure their longevity and continued beauty, we recommend referring to the jewellery care instructions (see back).

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