Paua Shell Mother and Child Clam Style Gold Dipped Necklace

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A pair of real farmed paua shells representing Mother & Child. Paua shells are hand sculpted with clay then the outer shell plated in gold. Both shells face each other (clam style). Hangs on a gold plated sterling silver chain necklace.

- shell height: mother approx 15-20mm, baby approx 10-15mm
- chain metal: 45-50cm sterling silver base chain
- packaging: charcoal black cardboard box

Blue Paua (Blue Abalone) are native marine molluscs that can be found in shallow water around New Zealand’s coastline. Their unique beauty symbolises New Zealand’s natural environment. Paua’s iconic internal lustre represents true inner beauty that never fades and only gets better with time.

All our paua shells have been sustainably sourced from a local paua marine farming operation. The juvenile shells did not mature and therefore are discarded as a waste product, from which evolve our unique jewellery pieces.

We work with natural elements to create pieces that are one-of-a kind. What you receive might not look exactly the same as what is pictured, but each piece will share your individuality and uniqueness!