Samples, Seconds and End-of-Line Sale Coming Up!

Samples, Seconds and End-of-Line Sale Coming Up!

Next week will be a Samples, Seconds and End-of-Line Sale.

I have been doing another declutter session in my studio so I hope to have a good humber of pieces that will find a new home. 

Hopefully your home ☺️.

Check photos below for a peek of some of the pieces that I will be showcasing on the VIP sale....


So if you are not in, please join and be my VIP fwend 🥰☺️

paua shell abalone pendant
An old paua shell pendant design. The current one has thicker bail wires.

trumpet shell earrings
Trumpet Shell Earrings. The shells are from Fiji. I have these both in gold and silver. The base metal is hypoallergenic brass and it is heavily plated.

Manuka Flower Pendant Necklace in Gold.

Blue Floragems Stud Earrings infused with blue Hydrangea petals.

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