Pohutukawa Leaves Earrings

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A pair of real handpicked Pohutukawa leaves riddled with holes created by the native insect leaf miner weevil. Silver-dipped in 3 micron silver. Hangs on sterling silver french hook earrings.

Pokapoka means imperfect and perforated in Maori. Celebrating one-of-a-kind organic nature finds with imperfection, natural decay and aged beauty. Decayed leaves shares your unique & perfectly imperfect life stories.

The Pohutukawa is New Zealand’s Christmas tree. Kindle memories of a Kiwi Christmas & summer spent with family whanau and loved ones by the bach and beach where this iconic tree blossoms.

– leaves height: approx 30-50mm
– wire metal: approx 10mm in height, hypoallergenic sterling silver
– packaging: charcoal black cardboard box

Fallen pohutukawa leaves have been collected in the Bay of Islands.

We work with natural elements to create pieces that are one-of-a kind. What you receive might not look exactly the same as what is pictured, but each piece will share your individuality and uniqueness!